Natalie Wild

Expert Registered Counsellor in Melbourne

As a society, we talk about change. Change can only occur effectively when there is a respect for what already exists. The goal at Redefine Life, is not to change who you are, it is to encourage you to tap into the skills and strengths you already have, utilising them to be the best you can be in any situation.

No two people are the same, yet most of our life experiences and problem-solving advice comes from outside sources, commonly with good intent, but rarely takes into account the level of compatibility the advice has in relation to your own individual abilities to manage, work through and resolve.

Natalie takes the things you are experiencing at face value and breaks them down with you, so you have; clarity around what is happening for you, and a greater understanding of why you feel the way you do.

With this new clarity and personal insight, Natalie then works with you to explore and develop strategies to work through your challenges in a way that you can confidently manage most life situations. While focussing on these solutions, you continue to develop a healthier self-worth and fine-tune your personal strengths.

Natalie is strong in the belief that one size does not fit all in regard to support. She also recognises that support at every level, can rarely be found in one person or one particular profession.

To cater to multiple needs, Natalie has established the Redefine Centre (link to redefine centre page). Redefine Centre is a group of professionals of different disciplines under one roof, all dedicated to providing the best care for your needs.

This includes but is not limited to; physical and mental health, alternative health, work place issues, and business, and financial support.

The team is continually growing, with the goal of offering as many professional areas as possible that aim to reduce the stresses and anxieties around your private and professional lives. To find out what professionals are available, or if you want to know more about joining our team, visit

Specialised areas.

Natalie specialises, but is not limited to:
• Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating
• Relationships
• Youth
• Work related issues
• Self-development
• Anxiety


Level 1, 171 Boronia Road
Boronia Vic 3155


Natalie sees clients on Mondays and Thursdays.


Tel:    +1300044490
Mob:  +61 415 544 325