Couples Blueprint

Couples Blueprint

When ME becomes WE,

Shaping the Foundations for a Healthy Relationship

: Couples Blueprint

The way you think, feel and act comes from 3 fundamental sources;

  • What you are born with,
  • Your life experiences,
  • Level of self-awareness to effectively navigate life’s obstacles.


Every person takes these fundamental sources into a relationship, but very few have clear knowledge around concepts like;
  • What they are,
  • Why you do what you do,
  • How you can navigate these fundamental sources to improve your relationship.

Couples Blueprint prevents and reduces relationship roadblocks.

Group sessions

$ 100
per workshop
  • All group sessions run for 2 hours and accept up to 5 couples.

Individual sessions

$ 150
per workshop
  • Working with a single couple for 90 minutes per session.

Special Discounts

$ $
  • 10% discount for couples who attend all workshops

If you loved Couples Blueprint, we also offer;

  • Navigating external influences (family/friends/work/culture etc),
  • Levels of trust,
  • Responsive vs Reactive communication &
  • Conflict resolution.


Any couples that go through the whole series of workshops may also enjoy the Couples Toolbox.

The toolbox pulls together all that you have learned through group discussion and personal examples, for as long as you both shall live.