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Founded by Natalie Wild, Redefine Life began with an awareness of the gaps in our existing Mental Health services. For many reasons, our health system has become very streamlined, shifted from tailored supports for the individual to a strong focus on only one type of health support.

With an aspiration of filling this gap, at Redefine Life, we aim to respect that every person is different, with needs unique to themselves. We take things you are experiencing at face value and break them down with you, giving you a clarity around what is happening for you and a greater understanding of why you feel the way you do.


We works with you to explore and develop strategies to go through your challenges in a way that you can confidently manage most life situations. While focusing on these solutions, you can continue to develop a healthier self-worth and fine tune your personal strength.



Low-cost Counselling Program


Personal Development Program





“I engaged Natalie’s services when our workplace was in crisis. Natalie was able to identify our needs and create a plan to embed our work culture in one that promotes health, wellbeing and productivity. I can honestly say that engaging the services of Redefine life was transformative and completely necessary. I’m grateful to have found Natalie as her nature is warm, kind and insightful, qualities that created instant trust with all of us"

— Community Centre Manager