I engaged Natalie's services when our workplace was in crisis. Natalie was able to identify our needs and create a plan to embed our work culture in one that promotes health, wellbeing and productivity. I can honestly say that engaging the services of Redefine Life was transformative and completely necessary. I'm grateful to have found Natalie as her nature is warm, kind and insightful. qualities that created instant trust with all of us.

Community Centre Manager

In our quest to find a treatment professional for our daughter, we were lucky to find Natalie. We had tried other health professionals and found they were not working for my daughter. Natalie has been an enormous support for our daughter and our family. Natalie is very accessible, understanding and non-judgemental. My daughter sums up Natalie the best when she says, "she gets it, and she gets me". I would recommend anyone concerned for themselves or a loved one to contact Natalie. 


I can't recommend Redefine Life enough. I've known Nat since 2016 when she became my supervisor. She is not only knowledgeable and passionate about her work, but also an amazing human being who supported me through life challenges I cam during my first year as a counsellor. She makes sure her supervises deliver an outstanding job, as well as recognise the importance of self-care in their daily routine.


As a client of Natalie's, I have experienced first-hand her brilliant support. After being admitted to hospital for an eating disorder, there was a long road ahead for me and my recovery. However, I couldn't do it alone and was in need of professional support. After trialling numerous unsuccessful psychologists, I came across Nat who instantly restored my hope in recovery. She is a truly caring person, always going above and beyond what I could ever ask for.


At Redefine Life, we respect that every person is different with needs unique to themselves.

No matter what you are going through, we are here to listen and help you discover your inner strengths to optimise your mental health. Get in touch to schedule an appointment with us. 


Our Mission

Redefine Life began with an awareness of the gaps that exist in Mental Health Services. In response to our fast growing world of information overload, Redefine Life is a space for people to slow down, take a second look at the challenges in their lives, and break down the information in a way that enhances their self knowledge, so they can better navigate the world in a way that is manageable for them.

We do this by providing a friendly, innovative, and approachable counselling service that promotes growth for all who connect with it. Our counsellors have the skills to help you discover your inner strengths and adapt them to work through your challenges, optimising and enhancing your problem solving and decision making.

Our Services


Low Cost Counselling Program (LCCP)

The low cost counselling program (LCCP) is a service designed to support clients through the day-to-day challenges in their lives that may affect their mental wellbeing, by providing quick, affordable, and accessible counselling services. There is no waitlist for the LCCP, and counselling can be delivered face to face or via telehealth. A GP referral is not required.


Affiliated Professionals

The affiliated team of counsellors and psychotherapists are a group of independent professionals who share the same values that mental healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all pathway. With a united belief of a client-first approach, the affiliated team is always evolving to provide high-quality support that best fits our client's specific needs through their own specialised areas of expertise. 


Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies are designed to support our client's wellbeing through holistic approaches. The holistic approach places an emphasis on the individual's whole body, including the body, mind, spirit and emotions, to improve bodily functions and natural self-healing. Message therapy, Naturopathy and the Alexander Technique are the three main holistic therapies provided at Redefine Life.


Image by Sarah Dorweiler
Image by Sarah Dorweiler
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Image by Sarah Dorweiler