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Redefine Life aims to honour and respect your unique experiences and needs.

No matter what you are going through, we are here to listen and assist you to uncover the inner qualities that will help you strengthen your social and emotional wellbeing. At Redefine Life there is generally short wait times allowing you to embark sooner, rather than later, on the journey to improved self awareness and emotional wellbeing. Arrange to meet one of our caring professionals online or in-person by clicking on the Book Now button.


Our Mission

The Redefine Life service is committed to offering accessible, low cost counselling services that fill the gaps of existing mental health services in Australia. Redefine Life counsellors offer friendly, innovative and approachable services that promote personal growth.  


In response to a fast-paced world where information and emotional overload is common, Redefine Life offers a space where our clients can slow down and utilise the experience and assistance of a caring and understanding counsellor.


Redefine Life counsellors take a person-centred and strengths-based approach to promote positive coping strategies and self awareness, assisting clients to make better sense of their lives and develop their problem solving and decision-making processes. 

Our Partners

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OTLR (Outside the Locker Room) and Redefine Life are here to support you and your community before, during and after OTLRs education sessions.

OTLR works closely with Redefine Life to provide welfare support to individuals and groups. All OTLRs communities will gain access to OTLRs Welfare App, providing a direct link to Redefine Life and their welfare support.

Our Supporters

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Rosanna Fire Station Community House

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The Low Cost Counselling Program (LCCP) is a nationwide service designed to support Australian clients through day-to-day challenges that may affect their mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Low Cost Counselling Program offers affordable and accessible counselling services delivered via telehealth to people in rural, regional and in-person in some urban areas. There is generally a short waitlist for the LCCP, and a GP referral is not required to access Redefine Life's low cost counselling services.

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