Youth Counselling

Youth counselling is designed to provide support to a young person. This program is for individuals experiencing anxiety and/or panic attacks, depression or sadness, issues of loss and grief, problems with anger, relationship issues, low self-esteem and confidence.


Anxiety can be biological or situational. Most of us have felt anxious at some point in our lives, but there are times when it can start to take over, making you feel uneasy, and therefore needs to be managed. Finding where anxiety fits for you as an individual is key to an anxiety managed life.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling can help you understand your relationship better, improve your ability to communicate more effectively, put emotions into perspective, offer clarity around what you want from your current situation, and determine what that looks like moving forward.

Personal Development

Personal development is a lifelong process. Support from a neutral person is a great asset when redefining your existing skills and qualities, considering clarity around your aims in life, and setting goals to realise and maximise your fullest potential.

Work related Issues

Work-related issues add challenges to a regular relationship, affecting team dynamic, professional productivity & workplace culture. Talking to someone neutral who is outside your immediate situation can show a different perspective & offer skills to manage the situation in a workplace friendly way.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are serious & can impact every aspect of your life. Depending on the severity or stage, you may only need to work with one professional or work with a team. The counselling role in Eating disorders is to create a working relationship that helps you personalise where everything fits for you, talk about the challenges around your other treatment services if you have them, or within life itself if you don’t.

Who is Natalie Wild?

Registered Counsellor and Counselling Supervisor at Redefine Life, CEO at Redefine Centre, and founder and presenter for Redefine Business

Natalie works with individuals, couples and groups as a Counsellor, and as a Counselling Supervisor at Redefine Life. When not working with individuals, Natalie has developed and runs the Redefine Centre in Boronia; a centre designed to support the community in a large variety of personal and professional growth needs, including Mental and Physical Health, and Business Growth and Development (Redefine Centre website link).

Natalie also heads Redefine Business, a Mental Health staff training program for Businesses and Government services with a focus on Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Work Relationships (Redefine Business Website).


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Working with Natalie

One size does not fit all in Mental Health, so every person’s experience should be different if the working relationship is a healthy one.

Productive change comes in many forms. Respect for individual difference is the core value in everything Natalie does; creating a space for minimal expectation and Judgement, and maximum exploration and solution.

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