Redefine Life is a private counseling and support practice that are able to provide high-quality professional help to a wide range of mental and other health problems.

We are designed to cater the right kind of help that best fits your unique needs. We believe in growth and expansion to improve and align with the needs of the people we support.


Our health system has become very streamlined that creates ongoing gaps in mental and physical health support for everyday people. Redefine Life began with an awareness of the gaps in our existing Mental Health Services.

The founder and CEO of Redefine Life, Natalie Wild was passionate in filling these gaps by creating a hub where each professional has their own specialised areas of expertise that tailors to the client’s needs.

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Natalie is a Registered Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor, Workplace Mediator, and Business Wellbeing Presenter at Redefine Life.

Natalie has a deep passion for providing holistic support with a focus on individual differences in client and business support needs.


  • Diploma of Child Care

  • Associate Diploma of Professional Counselling

  • Advanced Study Major – Child development and effective parenting in counselling

  • ACA accredited Counselling Supervisor

  • ASIST Training

  • Bachelors Degree in Counselling

Professional Memberships:

  • Member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

  • Member of Counsellors Victoria (CV)

  • Member of Supervision College (ACA)


Our focus lies on mental wellbeing; leading and driving innovative ways to strengthen and sustain our knowledgeable efforts in providing promising results for our clients. Together, we are a versatile team and hold a common passion and dedication around what’s best for our clients. We respect people’s individual differences and their cultural background.

"We take pride in creating a collaborative practice to achieve holistic health care options for our community".

Innovation and Growth 

Responsive to community 

Individual Differences

Colloborative Space

As we aim to fill the gaps in response to our community needs, if a type of profession or alternative therapy is not available at our service but in demand, we will endeavor to collaborate with other likeminded services if needed.

Our priorities lie in widening our approach for our client’s wellbeing.

We value your input and feedback on our services and support. Our intent is to improve our services and provide as many levels of professional support for you that we can.