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One-on-one counselling that promotes positive change

This counselling service is designed to be accessed by people who are feeling stuck or challenged by day to day issues, and are looking for prompt mental health support that is focussed to meet their unique needs. 


The Low Cost Counselling Program (LCCP) frequently has no waitlist. You don’t need a referral from a GP, and you don’t need a medicare plan (for more info, please check our FAQ page). Each session is $40, from your first session with the counsellor to your last. 


The LCCP is delivered by a team of qualified provisional counsellors and volunteer counsellors. 


A provisional counsellor is a person who has completed the academic component of their Bachelors or Masters degree in counselling, and needs to complete a large number of hours working with clients before receiving their final certificate. They are just like a fully registered counsellor with less client time under their belt and many of them have years of experience. 


A volunteer counsellor is one that has completed all training criteria and gives some of their client time to the community at a low rate.

  • Personal or workplace relationship issues.

  • Personal development and growth.

  • Anxiety based challenges.

  • Distress arising from grief and loss.

  • Exploring crossroads in your life.

  • Feeling lost or stuck in your current situation.

  • Managing stress.

  • Anger / frustration issues.

  • Adjusting to life's changes.

  • Changes in mood, energy and drive.

  • Concentration and work / study performance.

  • Individual sessions.

  • Information and referral for crisis support.

  • Low cost Mental Health support (no mental health care plan necessary).

  • Short/medium/long term support.

  • Inclusive counselling services for anyone in Australia. 

  • Qualified volunteer counsellors

  • Trained, experienced provisional counsellors

  • Utilises proven, evidence-based interventions

NOTE: Affiliate Counsellors do not usually participate in the low cost program.


Only $40 per session


When we feel good, the world around us feels like a better place.


Whatever you’re going through, let's talk about it, and work together to create lasting change. Get in touch to schedule an appointment with us. 

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