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Communication really is key, but is it that simple?

The most common reason a couple can fall apart is miscommunication.

Research done by Dr John Gottman, a renowned psychologist and researcher in the field of couple therapy, has found that the most common problems of couples not being able to connect is them not turning towards each other, not looking out for the small things that happen daily that couples use to reach out to each other at times. Instead they may be facing each other with contempt, stonewalling, criticism, and defensiveness. Once couples learn to overcome these four hurdles and communicate effectively, they can resolve most of their conflicts.

Couples therapy using the Gottman technique uses scientific evidence to support its approach to solving problems. Knowing what works well can get couples back on track and help them learn more about each other that they otherwise would have if they didn’t communicate.

Communication is key to couples getting closer. Once they know what is happening within each other, couples tend to get closer together, and they can work together on resolving conflict, or as Dr John Gottman calls it, understanding the dream within conflict.

Counsellors can help you and your parter learn about each others communication styles and barriers and move forward in a positive and effective way.

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