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Are you caught in conflict?

Have you ever thought about why we can get things wrong in conflict? The problem is our brain's capacity to process information when we are emotionally triggered is less than ideal for seeing through the conflict.

Picture of a white puzzle a hand reaching into the frame is picking up one piece which says 'CONFLICT' revealing a pink piece that says 'RESOLUTION'.
Build your emotional awareness to help with conflict resolution.

So, our brain capacity to understand the mental state of yourself or others is called mentalizing power. Our ability to mentalize and analyse things can be significantly affected the higher our emotional flare is. The more our attachment to the subject of the conflict, the more we are emotionally irritated and the less our mentalizing ability becomes. In other words, we can't think right.

To settle ourselves into a better mentalizing ability, start recognizing our emotions and exploring them. Once you become more self-aware and be able to express your emotion well, simply being able to set feeling apart from the situation can make things get clearer and get the person to preserve what is really going on, usually getting to a better outcome because we can start mentalizing again. You power to resolve things and your organised brain capacity is back.

Counselling can help guide a person become more self-aware of their emotions and able to recognise a healthier way to deal with conflict.

If this resonates with you, reach out to our counselling team to book an appointment. Click here.

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